midiBeam v2 Transmits MIDI Wirelessly 250+ Meters

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Беспроводная система для передачи midi-данных
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pandaMidi Solutions has released midiBeam v2, an updated version of their wireless MIDI system.

The system can transmit MIDI 250+ meters in open air, with .38 millisecond latency.

midiBeam v2 consists of a two parts, a transmitter and a receiver unit, sold together.

  • The TX02 transmitter unit connects to your gear using a standard 5-pin DIN MIDI connection.
  • The RX02 receiver unit receives incoming MIDI messages sent by the transmitter and outputs them via standard 5-pin MIDI DIN out or USB MIDI. It can also merge incoming wireless MIDI signals with a wired input or acts as a regular USB-MIDI interface.

Here’s what’s new in midiBeam v2:

  • Strong, metal-housed MIDI connector on the transmitter
  • Merging the wirelessly transmitted signal with a wired MIDI input stream
  • Running Status on/off switch to maintain compatibility with older gear
  • Browser-based utility for configuring device parameters and features, plus for firmware upgrade

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